Ladies and (not-so)-Gentle-men, lend us your ears – it’s that time you’ve all been waiting for.
Here at Romp HQ, we all love a good old laugh, but this month we stopped and asked ourselves: what do humour and success have in common?

Flip to page 5 as The Romp gets deep and investigates the cognitive, emotional and physiological
impacts of having a chuckle.

Phew, after straining the brain, we peel back the curtains to reveal how Roxxxy was conceived through a desire and need for intimacy and companionship through a animatronic object.
Intriguing stuff!

This month, we found ourselves in the Land of the gods – the Greek island of Mykonos, where
ancient mythology meets modern-day babes. Without needing to be asked twice, we happily
surrendered to the charms of the water, women and basslines. We promise our goddesses will never fade into ancient history….

Sprinkle in a healthy dose of survival stories, real life spies and much, much more, and what you get is the issue that just keeps on giving.

As they say in Greece: Yamas!