As we settle into 2018, our team eagerly bring you an enticing mix of all things ‘Romp’!

Come join us with articles on everything and anything – A night out, chugging down the Bourbon midweek knowing very well we have work the next day. Ah, the fun times facing the boss in the morning.

Who can recall that night in the car, and making a total fool of ourselves and blowing (!) our chance too early with her… Get ready to cringe in your seat, with this walk down memory lane with our ‘I Wish I Could Time Travel’.

With more convenient and accessible than ever forms of communication with the dating scene, is it really working for you? The land of women – it’s interesting, it’s exciting, it’s formidable, but are we scaring them off before any chance of getting to know you?  See our ‘You’re Doing Tinder Wrong If…’

With the Jolly season just passed, we all joined in on the indulging on over feasting with the pretence that we will get fit after New Years. The Health and Fitness section is here to offer options to not- so- active readers (we know you are out there, we are guilty too!) You could surprise yourself. A hidden talent? A new passion? New superstar?

Be sure to check out our monthly Music, Rev Up, Sports sections plus a wide range of other reads- From ‘Game of Bro’s’,  to ‘The Real History on the Easter Bunny’ just in time for Easter.

Last but not least, we saved this one for the last to unveil! The launch of The Romp’s Trending Babe Competition. The competition is the first ever of its kind for the magazine and we are proud to have you on board with us, as we flew our team, models and the winner- Miss Kylie Woods! (Congratulations, babe!)-  and landed safely in a
tropical paradise! The shores of Vanuatu, greeted us with its warm waters, soft sand and amazing people.  Check our stunning cover girl from page 35 to 39.
The girls could barely wait to have some fun under the sun. In no time, were we rolling in the sand and running into the welcoming waters. They sure created a commotion with the visitors and locals on their shoots! Brace yourself for the heated up content in this issue!

Thanks to everyone who voted and supported all the girls who joined. Your vote definitely counts. Keep them coming. We look forward to the next competition and unveiling the secret location somewhere in the world!

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