Welcome to the 14th edition of The Romp Magazine, your go-to supplement for lifestyle, motors, music, style, travel, health … and everything in-between. In this issue, we travelled halfway around the globe and met up with some drop dead stunning models, Erin (Guess supermodel & former Miss America), Adrianna (LA-based realtor), Alisha (Pro Surfer) & Sophia (Model & Actress) in an exotic town in the middle of Tulum, Mexico. While we were all partying there, our travel journalist Jessica wrote up a list of the top four Tulum to-do’s and also a complete guide on what to expect if you’re planning your next holiday to this amazing city and its amazing Mayan Pyramids.

We then jumped back on a plane straight to the Gold Coast and met up with two stunning Gold Coast models, Nathalya and Jelena, who we shot in a Kombi Van. We can guarantee you will never look another one the same way again – I know we can’t.

We also reveal why you should run if you see a man-sized penguin at the beach – and forget Cool Runnings, we have the story of the Tres Amigos who went against all odds … to place pretty much last. Speaking of last, (where the nice guys always finish) we have some advice on how to remove yourself from the dreaded friend-zone.

We also review some hot new tunes from the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, Panic at the Disco and Pendulum. We check out the cars that are trending, from an insane Alfa, a Rolls Royce going off road, a million-dollar Mustang and a hypercar from Down Under!

In the health and fitness and sports sections, we tell you why martial arts is the best fitness you can ever do, go over how madcap Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa takes on 80-foot monsters and pick the likely heirs to Messi and Ronaldo’s throne. Finally, due to popular demand, we bring back Romp Style, and in this issue we cover what’s good to wear on the weekend without any effort (#steezy).

With all this and much, much more, we hope you enjoy the 14th Issue of The Romp Magazine.