We are back with a jam-packed issue, delivering nothing but Romp goodness for your reading and viewing pleasure. From science to dating and serial killers, we always aim to source the funniest, weirdest and 100% certified pure juiciest reads direct to your hands.

Our feature shoot for this issue took place in the fabulous Maldives! You may have heard of them, but maybe you can’t pinpoint it on a globe. Well, no worries on that front – in case you are ever asked, we’ve got you covered so you sound smart: This tiny nation is found near Sri Lanka and is the smallest Asian nation. You’re welcome.

The girls flew in from all corners of the world – from Australia, UAE, and America to join us on the sensational ride. We’ve got to be honest though, getting our glamorous crew to the luxurious Reethi Faru Resort was no walk in the park – this island destination is the most remote we have been to … so far!

But, of course, we wouldn’t have done anything less in our mission to deliver heavenly beaches and our pick of the world’s hottest women. It’s all there for you, starting on page seven.

We have plenty of content on the forbidden fruits this month, from advice on staging the perfect ménage à trois on page 13 to shining a light on the carnal happenings in the animal kingdom! Check out what’s been going on after dark in the wilderness with our article: ‘Who says science isn’t fun?’.

Finally, find out the inside scoop on bizarre upbringings – from having a dad who wined and dined Nazi officials to a papa pimp and a cult daddy. Read more on page 14.

Knock back your monthly dose of Rev Up, Sports and Health reads plus Music Reviews, and we’re confident you will be kept entertained until we bring you the diary from our next big adventure!

Wish you were here!

 The Romp Team