We take complaints seriously, and we work to resolve them as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

A complaint can relate to editorial, distribution, advertising or anything that is connected to our magazine brand.


Editorial Complaints

Editorial complaints may relate to news reports, articles, editorials, letters, cartoons, images or other published material.

Complaints can be created within thirty days of the first publication of the relevant material, and we do not address complaints older than twelve months.

We are not able to address a complaint if it is being dealt with under another law.

Please read our editorial complaints page here


Advertising Complaints

If you find something advertised by one of our clients disturbing or something isn’t quite right, you can write in and complain by going to the process outlined here


Distribution Complaints

If you have received mail in your letterbox or in your email inbox that you wish not to receive, please contact us at and title the subject line Distribution Complaints with your address or email address. We then will automatically unsubscribe you or add you to our DO NOT DELIVER registry.

Need more information? Please email us at